Dear Mamas…

This is for all the mothers out there who have hopped on the struggle bus. I know how you feel. It’s going to be okay.

Today is Friday, and instead of it being “Fri-Yay” it’s more like “Fri-Don’t”! Every day can be like this picture taken a few weeks ago of my daughter and I… It has the potential to be so sweet, beautiful, and a great view, but instead you end up staring at a tree!


1. I have struggled all day today with emotions from memories, a hormone imbalance, a daughter who is spitting out every single bite of food, a kitchen that is a complete mess, and people who are being straight up rude for no reason!

2. I had the right emotions for a hurtful memory, I learned just a little bit more on how to deal with my medical condition, I froze baby food into teething cubes instead of throwing it out and gave my daughter a bottle so that she was fed, I cleaned up what I could of the kitchen and walked away when I felt frustrated, and I walked away without being rude to people who were rude to me!

It’s been a day of total fails, but that’s okay. It’s okay to have days like this because, unfortunately, we will never have it all together. We only find perfection in Jesus Christ. So, it’s okay to be on the hot mess express as long as you don’t let it completely drag you down every day! Both of the scenarios above about today are very true. I can either let the first one bring me down or let the second one encourage me forward through the rest of my day and straight into tomorrow!

Mommas, I know your daily pain and struggle. It’s nothing to downplay or push under the rug. Let someone know if you’re struggling and be honest with yourself and with those around you! I felt defeated that I had to give my daughter a bottle instead of food, but then I was reminded that she was at least eating something and getting the nutrition that she needs. Everyone has a difficult time with something in their lives (so it’s okay for you to have one too). Conquer it, don’t conceal it.

What are your victories for today? (Big or Small!) I want to know in the comments so I can celebrate with you, help encourage you, and feel free to let me know how I can be praying for you!

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