Keeping Your Goals

We’re a few weeks into the new year! How are you doing with your goals? Are you crushing it like you thought you would be or are you struggling to keep up? I’ll be honest with you, I’m struggling to keep up with one of my goals! It can be so difficult to be consistent when everyday life throws another hurdle your way. We get in this pattern of “it will have to wait until tomorrow” and we set our goals aside for another day. Soon enough, it’s a new year again and we haven’t made any progress!

One problem I see with trying to attain our goals starts at the beginning: the goal making. We dream BIG, and there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big at all, except that we don’t shape our goals to reach this dream. What we need to do is look at small ways to practically attain our goals.

Start with dreaming! What is your big, long-term goal? Write that down!

Next, map out a plan. Create a list of milestones that help you get to the end. Remember to keep “flexible” in mind when making your plan. No one knows everything that’s going to happen in life, so keep an open mind and don’t let it derail you.

Then, take your plan and turn it into short term goals. What will you do this month to help you reach your first milestone? Take it week by week, making small goals that will propel you to the next milestone until you eventually reach your goal!

The key is having short term goals that help you reach your long term goal. It’s so easy to take one big idea and start running for it without a thought as to how you’re going to get to it. You want to set yourself up to jump the hurdles rather than stopping and turning around because you don’t know how to get over it. Be smart and train to reach your goal!

Here’s an example:

  • Dream:
    • lose 30 pounds
  • Milestones:
    • lose 5 pounds
    • lose 5 pounds
    • lose 10 pounds
    • lose 10 pounds
  • Short term goals:
    • Week 1: change my eating habits
    • Week 2: continue those eating habits to build consistency. Drink an additional bottle of water every day.
    • Week 3: Introduce a small workout routine. Workout 3 days this week. Continue drinking more water. Continue eating well.
    • Week 4: Workout 5 days this week. Continue drinking water. Continue eating well.
    • Weigh in, measure waist, track progress.

Put your goal in the front and your big dream in the back. We’re not forgetting about the dream, but we are focusing on the right now to help attain that dream. I challenge you to revisit your resolutions and goals! Sit down and map it out! Tell me in the comments what your plan is so I can be there to encourage you in your journey to see your dream come true!

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