How to HAC – Simple Makeup Tutorial

This is going to be a super quick and simple makeup tutorial to get the most out of your foundation look! I promise this will only take you less than 5 minutes… Yes! 5 Minutes! I will write out a step by step for you, but the video tutorial shows you plain and simple how to do it.

What is a HAC? This stands for Highlight and Contour. These are key products to helping you create a 3D look. “Your face isn’t one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn’t be either” – Cara Brooks; Maskcara. I know Contour can be a scary word, but I promise it is super simple and will make you feel fancy! You will use this to darken the low points on your face and chisel out your natural bone structure. Highlight is essentially your foundation and you will apply this everywhere you don’t apply your Contour.

Watch the Tutorial Here:

1. Apply your contour to the low points on your face. This is going to be along your forehead, the bottom of your cheek bones, the sides of the bridge on your nose, and along the bottom of your chin bone. Just apply, don’t blend yet! I also like to use my Contour color to fill in my brows or as eyeshadow.

2. Apply your Highlight on the areas of your face that you did not apply your Contour. A little bit goes a long way here. No blending yet!

3. Apply your Blush right above your Contour on your cheeks. Don’t leave a gap between the Blush and Contour. Again, just apply the color and don’t blend yet. This is also great to use on your lips and eyes.

4. Apply your Illuminator above your Blush, on the tip of your nose and a little on the bridge of your nose, a small amount on your chin, on the cupids bow of your lips, and right under your eyebrows.

5. Now you can blend! Use a damp beauty blender and bounce it across your face. This will pick up any extra makeup and help give you a flawless, blended look. Then you are done!

Need your Highlight, Contour, Blush, and Illuminator colors? Fill out my Free Color Match form here! This will help me match the right colors for you. Each color comes in a tin that fits in our customizable, magnetic compacts. One last thing, if you get your 4 tins of color then you get to pick your compact for free!

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