Guide To Black Friday: My Favorite Clean Beauty Brands

Shopping can get CrAzY during the holidays and especially on Black Friday. Although I don’t have all the insight into the discounts, deals, and bundles offered on Black Friday, I am going to share with you my favorite clean beauty brands you need to look into this Black Friday! Clean, safe, and nontoxic beauty is perfect for yourself and makes great gifts for others. Check them out below, share with others so they get all the sweet deals, and leave me a comment with the swag you snagged!

PYT Beauty

If you follow me on social media, you know how much love this company! They are newer and EXPLODING! The products are all made with clean ingredients and are quality products. There is not a single product from them that I don’t like. My absolute favorite has to be the Lip Duos. It’s a matte lipstick on one end and a pigmented gloss on the other. Check out their sale and pick up some of those amazing lipsticks!

100% Pure

I have only tried a few products from 100% Pure, but I liked everything I tried! If there was one thing this company is famous for, it’s the pigmentation of their products. They only use natural ingredients for the pigment, so you will find lots of fruit listed with each product! How neat is that??? Check out their mascara colored with tea!

Maskcara Beauty

If you are in need of a simplified makeup routine with clean products your face will love, then look no further! I use this makeup for my face and it is amazing! Better than any foundation I have ever used and it is super affordable. Take a look at the website, use the palette builder to create your dream eyeshadow palette, and send in your color match to me by filling out the form below so I can match you to the shades that are the best for your complexion. Also, did I mention that your compact is free when you fill it? *wink*

(Your purchase with Maskcara Beauty directly supports my family and me. Thank You!)

Color Match Form:

Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics strives to provide better beauty products! My personal favorite is the highlighting pencil. It’s perfect for a quick glow or an easy eyeshadow look! Another product to look at is their mascara. Be sure take a look through their sale!

Tori Belle Cosmetics

This is a company that just launched a few months ago and is rapidly expanding. They are most known for their magnetic eyeliner and magnetic mascara that goes with their magnetic lashes! I have short lashes, so this super easy way to get full lashes is amazing to me! I feature these lashes a lot on my social media pages, so go take a look at how it’s done and then check out their awesome sales!

(Your purchase with Tori Belle Cosmetics directly supports my family and me. Thank You!)


KALOS has amazing skincare products with natural ingredients! I so appreciate this company not listing “fragrance” in the ingredients and, instead, using natural elements to make the products smell great. My favorite is the Rose Water Hydra-Mist called “Mist Congeniality”. Such a fun name, right? I use this before and after applying my makeup to keep my super dry skin moisturized.


Nail Polish may not be at the front of your mind when you think about clean beauty, so I’m going to put it there for you! THE BEST nail polish that is nontoxic. They have an enormous amount of colors to choose from and they are all gorgeous! My favorites are the pinks and nudes.


I use a lot of products from doTERRA for everything! The beauty products I use are the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair serum, essentials skincare collection, lotion, face mask, deodorant, toothpaste, and mouthwash. The essentials skincare line is the best skincare I have ever used and is so great for helping out my dry, patchy skin. I can honestly say that this company has positively impacted my family in a major way!

(Your purchase with doTERRA directly supports my family and me. Thank You!)


This clean beauty company is highly rated and is often featured in CauseBox’s Market for it’s seasonal and annual subscribers. The offer quality products with safe ingredients. Their emphasis is on taking care of your skin to have a healthy complexion! Check out their face primer and pore tightening mask.

Have another clean beauty brand that you recommend? Score anything good? Let me know in the comments! I always welcome polite honesty.


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