“Buddy the Elf, What’s Your Favorite Color?”

Hi! I’m Lyndsey Fromme, I am blogging from in the St. Louis, MO area, and my favorite color is pink (hence the hair)! I am a wife to my loving husband Mark, mother to three (one living in Heaven), blogger, and artist. I have a passion for learning and teaching what I learn. I focus on clean beauty, PCOS, providing reviews for small businesses, and Star Wars. You will find me spending time with my family, creating watercolor paintings, and teaching makeup classes. I have always been an advocate of small businesses and love giving support to and helping others achieve their dreams! I am a total believer in everyone having the opportunity to really do what they love for a living.

I would love to support you and write up a review for you! I love trying new things and sharing about them! Please email me with all details and requests.

The Meaning Behind the Name:

The name “Reformed Beauty” stems from my religious beliefs. Reformers throughout church history have used the latin phrase “Ecclesia Semper Reformanda”, which means that the church must continually re-examine itself in order to maintain its purity of doctrine and practice. I believe the same could be said of the beauty industry. I am always examining my practices, the purity of the products that I use, and my heart behind the way I view beauty to ensure that I am showcasing natural beauty instead of covering up the true beauty with makeup like a mask. “Pulcher” is latin for beauty, so I have adopted the phrase “Pulcher Semper Reformanda” to encapsulate my heart behind beauty. Welcome to Reformed Beauty.